8 Creative Ways to Build High-Value Backlinks This Year [2023]

Backlinks are crucial to SEO and have been an invaluable asset to many online businesses and websites. In 2023, building high-value backlinks is more important than ever, as they can help businesses to rank higher in search engine results. But building backlinks isn’t always easy – that’s why we have put together this helpful guide! Here, you will find eight creative ways for your website or business to build high-value backlinks that boost your ranking potential.

What are backlinks and why are they important in SEO?

A backlink is a link from another website that leads to your website. For example, if someone links to your website on their own blog or social media page, that’s considered a backlink. The goal of earning backlinks is to increase the visibility of your website by getting more people to link to it from other websites. When people link to your site from their own websites or pages, it signals to search engines that your website has valuable content worth ranking higher in search engine results.

Having quality backlinks pointing to your site is one of the most important factors for improving your search engine rankings. Google looks at how many other sites link to yours to indicate its relevance and authority in a particular field. The more high-quality websites link to yours, the more likely Google will give you higher rankings in their search results. Furthermore, having quality backlinks helps build trust with Google and increases the chances that they will send more traffic towards your website. This means more potential customers who could be interested in what your business has to offer!

What to look for when building backlinks

Building backlinks is an important part of any website’s success, as they increase a site’s visibility and help it reach a wider audience. When building backlinks, there are many factors to consider, such as relevance, authority, trustworthiness and quality. You need to ensure that the links you build come from reputable sources willing to link to your site, so it is important to do proper backlink and keyword research and check the quality of each link before you commit to them. It is also wise to focus on getting backlinks from relevant domains, as this will have more potency towards ensuring your website is seen by more people.

Additionally, when acquiring backlinks, be sure that your link profile has some natural variation, as this can provide even better SEO results for your website in the long run. By bearing all these things in mind when building backlinks, you can help ensure that your website reaches its full potential online.

8 Strategies for Building Backlinks

1. Niche edits

Niche edits are a popular SEO link-building strategy that involves the placement of links to your site within related, high-quality content on other websites. It can create significant SEO value because it builds brand authority and provides clickable links from relevant sources. Niche edits are an effective way to improve SEO rankings and build external connections with other websites. They can also be part of a broader SEO campaign as they help target specific audiences, boost rankings, and increase website traffic. If you are looking for an easy way to increase backlinks to your website and gain more visibility in search engine results, niche edits should definitely be part of your SEO toolkit.

2. Digital PR

Digital PR is a strategy for building backlinks. By definition, digital PR is the process of earning coverage and links from high-authority websites that will improve your SEO and visibility. A successful digital PR campaign will target websites relevant to your industry and with high domain authority.

To build backlinks through digital PR, you will need to create a pitch that speaks to the interests of the website you are targeting. Once your pitch is created, you can reach out to the website’s editor or reporter and ask if they’d be interested in featuring your content. If they agree to feature your content, they will provide a link back to your website.

Building backlinks through digital PR is an effective way to improve your SEO and visibility. By pitching high-quality, relevant content to high-authority websites, you can earn valuable backlinks that will help improve your search engine ranking.

3. Journalist outreach

SEO can be a challenging field which many website owners struggle with. An SEO strategy that often proves successful is journalist outreach to create backlinks. Journalist outreach involves connecting with journalists and bloggers online to raise awareness of a website, product, or service. Offering an interview or helpful information relevant to the media professional’s work is one way to initiate contact.

Once connected, website owners can request that the journalist link back to their websites on stories they post further to enhance SEO and link building for their sites. When done correctly, this SEO strategy can significantly increase the visibility of a website and its products or services.

4. Infographics

Infographics are an effective SEO link-building strategy. They combine visual storytelling with powerful SEO benefits, allowing marketers to communicate complex ideas quickly and drive website traffic. Infographics present a unique way to showcase your content in a visually appealing manner that appeals to social media users.

When crafted correctly, they can reach a wide range of audiences and help you generate valuable external links that serve owners of large websites looking for new content to build backlinks. With creative infographics and informative SEO campaigns, marketing strategies can be strengthened with more link-building opportunities.

5. Podcasts

Podcasts are a surprisingly effective strategy for SEO link-building. By leveraging relationships and networks, savvy SEO experts utilise audio-based content to increase their rankings. Also, podcast content often has a lasting impact on audiences since listeners tend to become more engaged when discussing topics through sound rather than text.

As such, SEO professionals are increasingly utilizing podcasts to build lasting relationships and get valuable backlinks from other industry leaders and reputable sources. The in-depth conversations that occur within a podcast can also provide SEO experts with insights into current trends within their industry, which is incredibly useful when creating content for SEO purposes. Thus, podcasting as an SEO link-building strategy remains very popular today.

6. Guest posts

SEO link-building strategies have come a long way from traditional methods like email requests and directory submissions. One of the most popular SEO link-building techniques is guest posting, whereby websites are offered exclusive content or the chance to feature expert-level advice to build relationships with other industry members.

The advantage of this strategy is that it allows website owners and SEO specialists to generate backlinks by leveraging their expertise in the form of blog posts, articles, infographics, and how-to guides. It means more targeted traffic for the website hosting the content and SEO benefits for both them and the writer of the post through strengthened link authority and improved SEO rankings.

7. Networking

Networking is an invaluable SEO-focused strategy used to create backlinks and build relationships within the industry. Link building is a highly effective SEO tactic that involves increasing the number of high-quality links coming to a website to improve SEO visibility and authority. Networking can be invaluable as it creates long-term relationships, significantly boosting SEO performance.

It also opens up referral opportunities, such as outreach to prominent influencers and peers, that can help you get your message or content shared across social media platforms with potential customers. Business owners should dedicate time to networking for SEO purposes – it is often worth more than any other SEO tactics you could employ!

8. .edu links

Link building through .edu links is an SEO strategy that involves creating backlinks from various educational institutions. This strategy can give your ranks a huge boost, as most search engines view these links as highly credible due to their authoritative source. Potential sources for such backlinks include university, college, primary and secondary school websites, not-for-profit library websites, government academy websites, etc.

Due to the selective process involved in acquiring .edu links, the practice itself can be time-consuming; however, it is considered well worth the effort since building trust with search engines through a reliable source takes time and commitment. Once achieved, the result is increased online visibility, indicating higher SEO rankings with long-lasting effects.


As you can see, many different SEO link-building strategies are available to businesses and companies today. Some of these methods may require more effort than others; however, all of them have the potential to pay off in terms of increased visibility and ROI. With a bit of creativity, savvy marketers can create effective SEO link-building campaigns that drive organic traffic and help businesses stand out from the competition. So go forth, my fellow SEO-savvy marketer, and make a difference in your online visibility!

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